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Exploit all the treasure in the mines, populated with harmful monsters!

(مرات اللعب: 219)

Click on the white ball to attempt to hit the loser as many time as possible ...

(مرات اللعب: 207)

Safe keeping for diary is important for any girl who have one

(مرات اللعب: 181)

Lead Indiana Jones to capture the Holy Grail

(مرات اللعب: 257)

Aims the injection needle accurately

(مرات اللعب: 196)

make it to the door without getting touch by anyone

(مرات اللعب: 81)

Catch the Kangaroo before it get away with your jacket and money

(مرات اللعب: 205)

Launch yourself as far as possible.

(مرات اللعب: 209)

Your mission is to rescue 118 russion marines from the sunken submarine KYPCK...

(مرات اللعب: 221)

Another Japanese Anime style dating simulation

(مرات اللعب: 191)

This is a real test for your eye sight - you have to find the 4-leaf lucky cl...

(مرات اللعب: 179)

Wizardry duel using cards that relied on strategy and a little luck

(مرات اللعب: 205)

Launch the frog with catapult as far as possible. Try to use the wind to your...

(مرات اللعب: 224)

Help the Micro to get food and grow up

(مرات اللعب: 220)

Choose your favorite vege and create a face for it.

(مرات اللعب: 118)

This is a click adventure game so find the hot spot to click on to advanced t...

(مرات اللعب: 208)

Punch Osama in whatever way you like

(مرات اللعب: 300)

Catch up on everything using arrow keys and space to deliver.

(مرات اللعب: 85)

Collect all treasure in the maze

(مرات اللعب: 183)

Try to escape from the room in this graphical adventure

(مرات اللعب: 185)

Dress up the naked girl

(مرات اللعب: 193)

Choose either one and see if you can defeats your opponent.

(مرات اللعب: 221)

Play the role of a Ronin in this Japanese Anime style RPG game

(مرات اللعب: 230)

Click on the instrucments to make those cats swine

(مرات اللعب: 271)

Perform skate trick on the rooftop and score points

(مرات اللعب: 154)

Try to hit 50 sheeps with your 50 bullets

(مرات اللعب: 200)

Fishing Salmon with a spear

(مرات اللعب: 200)

Collect as many crowns as possible while jumping over the obstacles.

(مرات اللعب: 213)

Just do what Simon Says

(مرات اللعب: 202)

Play as Viking - attack enemy and eat food to re-gain energy

(مرات اللعب: 124)

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عدد الالعاب: 586

عدد مرات اللعب اليوم: 220

اجمالى مرات اللعب: 112 937

عدد الاعضاء: 2

المتواجدين الان: 42 (0 اعضاء, 42 ضيوف)

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